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The Holy Virgin and Child

Mestre do Brocado Dourado, Attrib. (b. 1500)


25.000 - 35.000

Session 2

3 March 2016


Oil on oak panel

The Virgin is depicted nursing the Child, holding Him with both hands and bare breast. Bottom bearing inscription “Ave regina celo [ru]m Mati regis angelo[ru]m O Maria flos v[ir] gin[u]m velut rosa vel lil[iu]m [...]de pro[nobi]s ad fil[iu]m pro salute fidelium”.
This composition is traditionally attributed to the Master of the Legend of Magdalene and it is reproduced on the cover of Kunst magazine (Zurich), in 1951. Some very similar examples are known in public collections, specially in the Netherlands, attributed to the Master of the Legend and other Flemish primitives. In this work, the golden brocade with floral pattern could also refer to the work of the Master of the Gold Brocade.
The Master of the Legend of Magdalene is a Flemish painter of unknown identity that was named after a tryptic depicting that subject. Nowadays the tryptic is disaggregated and its production dates of 1515/20, suggesting other works attributed to this Master a activity period between 1483 and 1527.

43x29 cm



Additional Information

This painting was subjected to an X-ray and X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF) to identify elements of each color and therefore determine the associated pigments. The radiography showed that the painting was executed in one preparation layer with no indications of restorations or changes to the composition. The EDXFR analysis suggests that the pigments used are compatible with the period to which this painting is attributed.

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