Auction 136 Antiques & Works of Art, Silver & Jewellery


Scenes of the Passion of Christ


25.000 - 30.000

Session 3

19 December 2023


Carved ivory diptych depicting four scenes of the Passion of Christ within architectural compositions
In the first quarter Jesus holds the Cross while being helped by Simon of Cyrene and surrounded by the crowd
In the second quarter the crucifixion amongst the Law literates, in the presence of the Roman centurion with the spear ready to pierce His chest
In the third quarter the descent from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea and the delivery to His Mother, surrounded by some of the Apostles and two Angels
In the fourth quarter the Deposition of Jesus in the tomb
Europe, 15th / 16th century
(restoration, evidence of oxidisation, minor losses and faults)

12x7,2 cm (fechado/closed) 12x13,5 cm (aberto/open)



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