Auction 83 Antiques & Works of Art


Portuguese school of the second half of the 18th century


8.000 - 12.000

Session 1

11 December 2018


D. Sebastião, King of Portugal
Oil on canvas
Inscription "SEBASTIANVS XV REX PORTVGALLIAE" under royal coat-of-arms

109x76,5 cm



Additional Information

The composition of this portrait of D. Sebastião is based in a drawing by Francisco Vieira Lusitano (1699-1783) of 1728 of wich an engraving by Guilherme Francisco Lourenço debrie (?-1755) was published in 1737.
The portrait is a very close copy of the Vieira Lusitano drawing, focusing the composition on the representation of the bust of the "Desired" King the artist moves the Royal shield to the upper right corner, as well as the wand and the sword, symbols of the royal power.
Innovative is the introduction of the feathered helmet, an inexistent element in the drawing of Vieira Lusitano, reinforcing the military and Royal character of the portrayed.
Bernardo da Gama Lobo Xavier, "Retratos Ignorados de D. Sebastião".

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