Henry l’Évêque (1769 - 1832) “Scene of the Peninsular Wars”


30.000 - 50.000


29 November 2011


Henry l’Évêque (1769 - 1832) “Scene of the Peninsular Wars” Oil on canvas
Dim: 75x100cm

Born in Geneva Henri l’Évêque, such as Delerive, traveled around Europe after the french revolution in order to represent the political and militar consequences and revolutions that were happening towards Europe, especially after Napoleon begins his first campaigns. l’Évêque’s work depicts such a realism in the battle field that it’s not surprising when we know that some of the draws were taken in loco. He is better know for his watercolours and mainly the etchings that were published after the works that were sent to England to report batles and relevant political events such as the departure of the portuguese royal family to Brasil before the napoleonic invasions. At that time l’Évêque painted two canvas depicting the scene and these are two of the few oils that the artist painted.Very few canvas remains in Portugal and for these reasons the work now offered for sale is of great rarity.



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