"Schechina", 1999

Anselm Kiefer (b. 1945)


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28 May 2015


Oil, emulsion, acrylic, lead and aluminum wire cage on canvas

Gagosian Gallery; Private collection.

330x190 cm
130 X 74 4/5 in


Modern and Contemporary Art

Additional Information

Schechina, sometimes described as a manifestation of Gods glory on earth, is also referred in the Jewish culture as a representation of the feminine virtues of the Divine. In this majestic work by Anselm Kiefer, Schechina is represented as a headless bride whose head was replaced by a wire cage from where the Tree of Life emerges, with reference to the ten Sephirot in Kabbalah, and making the connection between the Celestial and Earth Kingdom. The dried sunflowers, a recurring element in Kiefers work, may be interpreted as a metaphor of the duality between life and dead.

Video commentary by Kathleen Soriano about this work:

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