Auction 93 Antiques and Works of Art




10.000 - 15.000

Session 1

10 December 2019


Detail of a larger work entitled "Prise de la Smala d'Abd-el-Kader par le duc d'Aumale" in the collection of the Musée D'Histoire de Versailles, commissioned by Louis Phillipe, King of the French, in 1845
Oil on canvas
Signed "HV", possibly for Horace Vernet (1789-1863)

79x62,5 cm



Additional Information

Acquired by ancestors of the current owners in the auction sale of the Spanish Diplomat Francisco Zea Bermudez (1821-1883) collection, on the 12th April 1883 at Largo de S.Domingos in Lisbon, catalogued as lot 82 "VERNET (Horace)/ Deux Épisodes de la Smala/ 2 Femmes Arabes".
On a label to the obverse of the painting the inscription: "Nº de lote 82/ Da galeria Zea Bermudez/ Lisboa 1883/ Duas mulheres árabes (Episódio de grande(?) de(?) Sala)/ Horace Vernet/ custo R 40$500"

Closed Auction