A rare Namban cabinet


30.000 - 40.000

Session 1

17 May 2016


Momoyama Period
Black lacquered wood with rich decoration in gold, silver and mother-of-pearl
Fall-front decorated with landscape with mountains, architectonic elements, rocks and watercourses surrounded by several plant species (we highlight the japanese cypress of wich this piece is made of) and peacocks
Right side decorated with a couple of deer surrounded by leaves and camellia
Left side decorated with two birds surrounded by Tachibana Orange trees and bellflowers
The back decorated with bellflowers and the top decoratd with two lions surrounded by Japanese maple (Momizi) and Japanese cherry (Sakura)
Interior with sixteen drawers of different sizes surrounding a central drawer in form a Renaissance portico
Each drawer with a concave frame with ripple decoration and different floral decoration with nine species, Tachibana orange tree, Bellflowers (Azagau), Kuzu, Camellia (Tsubaki), bellflowers (Kikyõ), chrysanthemum (Kiku) and Japanese apricot (Ume)
Flowwer bud shaped handles with chrysanthemun mount
Japan, 16th/17th century

58x88x46,5 cm



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