A rare Imperial Gilt-Bronze 'Dragon' ritual bell


60.000 - 80.000


30 November 2022


Qianlong Period, dated 1743
Cast in barrel shape with relief decoration
Central band depicting two five claw dragons holding pearl, while overflying waves amongst clouds and flames, with two inscribed rectangular cartouches identifying the musical note produced by the bell – “倍南吕” (beinanlu - low octave of the tenth note) – and dating it – “乾隆八年制” (made in the eight year of the Qianlong reign – 1743)
Upper band decorated with frieze of stylised clouds and lower band with clouds and eight medallions
Surmounted by two intertwined dragons forming the suspension hoop
Base inscribed “太庙备用第二分” (The second piece reserved for the Emperor's Ancestors Shrine) and “癸亥年吉日造”(made in the auspicious day of the year of Guihai)

Height: 21 cm


Asian Art

Additional Information

Mr. Chen Zhuxiong, Taiwan

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