Auction 136 Antiques & Works of Art, Silver & Jewellery


A Flemish tapestry depicting the Goddess Athena


6.500 - 8.500

Session 3

19 December 2023


Polychrome wool and silk threads
A palace scene featuring centrally the Goddess Athena holding her spear, and two equerries holding the goddess's helmet and her sword
Border with floral motifs, birds and various objects surmounted by armorial shield
Signed "VAN SCHOOR", attributable to Lodewijk van Schoor (ca.1645-1702)

380x273 cm



Additional Information

Lodewijk van Schoor (c. 1645-1702) was a Flemish artist who stood out in a form of artistic expression intrinsically linked to the region's tradition and textile skill (the production of the famous Flemish tapestries).
His works, honored by their technical and aesthetic refinement, bear witness to the heyday of tapestries production during the 17th century.
Van Schoor was heir to a rich tradition, but he knew how to innovate in this artistic genre, going beyond mere craftsmanship to achieve the status of art. His tapestries, often commissioned by nobles and royal courts, are true testaments to the artist's technical mastery and the cultural prosperity of Flanders.
The artist, skilled in representing landscapes, mythological scenes (as an example of the lot we now bring to auction), and portraits, gave his tapestries a singular narrative opulence. And the use of vibrant colors, combined with meticulous execution, gave his works a captivating vivacity.
Lodewijk van Schoor's legacy transcended his time and ended up influencing subsequent generations of textile artists.

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