Zulma, The Snake-Charmer (1907)

Gaston Decamps (XIX-XX)


8.000 - 15.000

Session 1

24 June 2014


Rare automaton with winding mechanism and four melodies, resin and card face and body with joints hidden by jewels of oriental inspiration in gilt metal and paste
On a painted wood base with coin slot and velvet carpet in green and red embroidered in metal yarn
This model shows the snake-charmer in a silk embroidered gown girded by a scarf
When in movement the figure dances to the music and the snake’s head moves at the same rhythm
(defects, working mechanism but in need of revision)

Height: 92cm



Additional Information

Note: “La Charmeuse de Serpent” best known as Zulma was Gaston Decamps first creation and is considered one of his most important works.
Some “Zulma” copies are today kept at both private and public collections (Madame de Galéa Collection, Monaco National Museum, Musée de l’Automate, Souillac) being the ones with coin slot considered the rarest.

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