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Wanli Armorial Pilgrim's bottle, ca. 1610/20


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Session 1

9 December 2014


Chinese export porcelain
Shape of islamic influence with cylindrical neck and flattened body
Blue underglaze decoration depicting at one side a medallion bearing Spanish Royal Arms (Castile and Leon) framed by stylized scrolls and surrounded by floral motifs and lotus flowers
The other side depicting a landscape with rocks and a bird flying above a tree branch with flowers
The neck is decorated with floral scrolls, lotus flowers, bouquets and a trapezoidal foot
Ming Dynasty, Wanli Period, ca. 1610/20
(restoration to the spout)

Height: 30,5 cm



Additional Information

The pilgrim's bottle now offered for auction is part of a scarce group of which the majority of the examples are kept at national and international museums (British Museum, London; China Institute, New York; Fundação Carmona e Costa and Casa Museu Dr. Anastáciio Gonçalves, Lisbon)
This unusual shape probably has its origins in the metal bottles produced in islamic territories and its commission is often attributed to Filipe II of Spain (I of Portugal) . However other sources points to a comission by a Christ or Avis Order member during the Spanish invasion of Portugal (1580-1640).
The medallion bearing Filipe II coat-of-arms is apparently inspired by contemporary coins.

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