Untitled, 2009

José Pedro Croft (b. 1957)


14.000 - 18.000


4 February 2016


Mixed media on paper

153x275 cm


Modern and Contemporary Art

Additional Information

José Pedro Croft is one the most outstanding Portuguese artists of
our time. In the 1980s he integrated a group of artists that featured
the return to sculpture. Since then, besides questioning the relation
between sculpture and space, Croft has explored the capacity of drawing
and printmaking to create illusionary perception.
This work testifies to Croft’s hability to create in his drawings an
illusion of depth and an economy of space that echo those achieved
in his sculptures by means of the relation between volume and light
— often via the use of mirrors that introduce a new dimension with
the duplication of forms, by the access to the surround space, by the
integration of our own image.
Croft’s most recent solo exhibitions include: ‘Em outro lugar’, Múltiplo
Espaço de Arte, Rio de Janeiro (2015); ‘Fora de sítio’, Paço Imperial, Rio
de Janeiro (2015); ‘Objetos imediatos’, Fundação Carmona e Costa and
Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon (2014); ‘Tres puntos no alineados’, Palexco,
A Coruña, Spain (2013); ‘Dois desenhos, uma escultura’, Appleton
Square, Lisbon (2012); and ‘Marcações e territórios’, Chiado 8 – Arte
Contemporânea, Lisbon (2011).

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