Two cinnabar lacquered boxes and covers


10.000 - 15.000


30 November 2022


Qing Dynasty, 18th century
Both of lobed shape and delicately carved, depicting on their covers idyllic scenes in landscape settings, enclosed in key-fret borders
One cover with a scholar seated bellow a willow tree, accompanied by an attendant and observing two boys playing
The other cover with two scholars seated on rocks in front of a courtyard house from whish an attendant is emerging carrying a tray with refreshments 1
Both boxes and covers decorated on the sides with an hexagonal rosette diaper pattern
Interiors and bases lacquered black

Diam.: 14,5 cm Height: 6,5 cm


Asian Art

Additional Information

Private collection;
Roger Kevener - Published in: Roger Kevener, Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 2006, London 2006, p. 132, n. 128.

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