Auction 132 Antiques & Works of Art, Silver & Jewellery


The return from Egypt


25.000 - 30.000

Session 3

26 October 2023


Polychrome, gilt and painted wood sculptural group
Depicting Our Lady, Saint Joseph, and the Child Jesus
The figures are richly attired in shades of red, blue, green, and gold, with upholstery decoration featuring foliage motifs
Elegantly sculpted drapery mantles adorn both Our Lady and Saint Joseph, both wearing pilgrim hats
Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus holding pilgrim staffs
Portugal, 18th century

Height: 93 cm (Nossa Senhora) Height: 95 cm (São José) Height: 59 cm (Menino Jesus)



Additional Information

The origin of this remarkable sculptural ensemble dates back, suggestively, to a Carmelite convent, as can be inferred from the representation of Saint Joseph. The image of Saint Joseph is a strong indicator of the iconographic tradition that emerges from the writings of Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582), which grant him a unique significance as the educator of the Child Jesus. It's worth noting that prior to these writings, the figure of Saint Joseph as the adoptive father of Christ was practically absent in Christian iconography, particularly in Portugal

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