Auction 109 The Count of Póvoa Collection - Quinta da Serra


Portrait of Queen Maria Ana de Áustria (1683-1754)

Jean Ranc, Attrib. (1674-1735)


6.000 - 8.000

Session 1

28 September 2021


Oil on canvas

94x76 cm




Maria Ana Josefa of Austria (1683 -1754), Archduchess of Austria, was the daughter of Leopold I of Austria (1640-1705), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and of Eleanor Magdalena (1655-1720). Sister of emperors José I (1678-1711) and Carlos VI (1685-1740), she was queen consort of Portugal, by marriage to King João V (1689-1750). Mother of Infanta Bárbara de Bragança (1711-1758), Queen Consort of Spain, married to Fernando VI (1713-1759), King José I (1714-1777) and King Pedro III (1717-1786).
In the Prado Museum we find a pair of the portraits of King D. João V and Queen Maria Ana, which belongs to the series of six portraits painter by Jean Ranc (1674-1735) in Lisbon, in the year 1729. Of which this is a copy of the Queen's portrait.
The taste for detail and precision is revealed in the small accessories, lace, jewelry and embroidery, less precise than on the canvas in Lisbon's Coach Museum.

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