Jogo, 1998

Fernando Pinto Coelho (b. 1951)


1.000 - 1.500


4 February 2016


Oil on canvas

130x150 cm


Modern and Contemporary Art

Additional Information

Fernando Pinto Coelho is a painter known for his realist and impersonal
technique. In his paintings he frequently employs iconography taken
from the media, constantly questioning the status of imagery and
artistic authorship. In 1976, together with eight other artists and
an art critic, he founded the Puzzle group, active until 1981. Their
performative street interventions and large collective paintings
combined an ironic approach to Portuguese imagery and a critique of
individual creativity.
In Jogo [Game], 1998, Pinto Coelho replicates images published in daily
newspapers from the reportage of softball games. According to the
painter, the choice of this motif was explained by the simple fact that he
almost every day came across images of the game when he cleaned the
paintbrushes with newspapers after painting sessions. The athletes were
painted following a self-imposed and rigorous method that consisted in
making a grid, using the three primary colours — red, yellow and blue
— and painting from above to below, from left to right, as a plotter.
Fernando Pinto Coelho’s solo exhibitions include: ‘Um século, dez
lápis, cem desenhos: VIARCO EXPRESS’, Espaço do desenho, Museu da
Presidência da República, Lisbon (2009); ‘Anatomias contemporâneas:
O corpo na arte portuguesa dos anos 90’, Fundição de Oeiras, Oeiras,
Portugal (1997); ‘Prémio Polimaia de Pintura à cidade do Porto’, Museu
Nacional de Soares dos Reis, Porto (1986); ‘Os novos primitivos’,
Cooperativa Árvore, Porto (1984); and ‘Pintor Personagem’, Fundação
Eng.º António de Almeida, Porto (1983).

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