Auction 126 Antiques & Works of Art, Silver & Jewellery


An Indo-Portuguese casket


7.000 - 10.000

Session 3

21 March 2023


Turtle shell with applied engraved silver elements
Double-headed eagle shaped lock
Ivory feet
India, 17th / 18th century

15x25,5x12 cm




A similar example can be found in the collection of the Museu-Escola de Artes Decorativas Portuguesas under inventory number III.
"This small trunk-shaped safe is one of many examples that were made in India in the 17th century for Portuguese customers.
The main function of this domestic piece of furniture was to store specific objects, such as small books, jewelry, which would also be used when traveling.
As for the presence of the double-headed eagle on the keyhole mirror, it derives from the use of this decorative element in the grammar of the different branches of Indo-Portuguese art, reporting, in a cross assimilation, to the heraldic motif of the Holy Roman Empire, and to the garuda divinities** with extensive treatment in Indian art"
Literature: AA,VV.: Guide Museum-School of Portuguese Decorative Arts, Ricardo do Espirito Santo Silva Foundation

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