Auction 77 Antiques & Works of Art


A Renaissance salver


20.000 - 30.000

Session 1

22 May 2018


Most probably Spanish Empire, vice-kingdom of Mexico, late 16th century, ca. 1600
Round with plain rim, tab decorated with beaded frieze and large "bat wing" draped strap, elevated centre with floral cluster in relief framed by concentric friezes decorated with engraved geometric motifs, beads and a plain flute
(wear signs)

Diam.: 25,6 cm
340 g



Additional Information

Some similar salvers are known:
One formerly in the collection of Reynaldo dos Santos and Irene Quilhó is illustrated at "Ourivesaria Portuguesa nas Colecções Particulares", pp., later belonged to the collection of João Amaral Cabral;
other sold by Sotheby's Paris, 3rd May 2016, lot 219, approx. for € 50.000 against a low estimate of € 15.000;
other with Saragoza marks, ca. 1500 is illustrated in "La plateria de la coleccion Varez Fisa" by Cristina Esteras Martin, pp. 33;
and other with Saragoza or Valladolid marks, ca. 1525 is part of the Alorda Derksen collection - Barcelona and is illustrated at the collection's catalogue of silver works, pp. 68.
Reynaldo dos Santos and Irene Quilhó raised the hypothesis of Portuguese production and this idea was still followed by Nuno Vassallo e Silva in "Ourivesaria Poruguesa de Aparato, séculos XV e XVI" were the first salver is depicted at pp. 125. However it seems consentaneous today that, despite some similarities with the Portuguese production of the time, this pieces are of Spanish or Spanish colonial origin.
João Júlio Teixeira

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