A Rechaud


2.200 - 2.600

Session 2

16 November 2021


Paris 1839-1856, by AUCOC AÎNÉ
French silver, the lid surmounted by large fleur-de-lis. The pedestal with burner decorated with scalloped mouldings and handles of interlaced vine motifs with foliage and flower buds, marked "Minerve 1er Titre"
Identical model at the Casa Museu Medeiros e Almeida

2454 g



Additional Information

Casimir AUCOC, Paris base goldsmith succeeded master Maire in 1821, supplier to Empress Marie-Louise, Queen Hortense, Marshal Lannes, Monseigneur De La Tour D'Auvergne and King Joseph of Spain.
Aucoc perpetuates this excellence at his shop in 154 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.
Jean-Baptiste Casimir established the company in 1836 at 6 rue de la Paix, describing it as "maker of nécessaires to the King and the Princes". He will eventually become the favoured supplier to the kings Charles X and Louis-Philippe, the House of Orleans, Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie as well as to Queen Victoria and other monarchs and European aristocrats such as the princes of Arenberg, Prince Troubeskoi, Great Duchess Catherine Mikhaïlovna of Russia, Duke Alexandre Edmond de Talleyrand-Périgord and the Queen of the Belgians.
Many works by Aucoc can now be seen at prestigious international museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the British Museum in London, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg or the Orsay Museum in Paris

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