A rare blue and white 'boys at play' stembowl 明代青花嬉戏童子莲座碗


10.000 - 15.000


5 December 2023


Ming dynasty, second half of the 16th century
Of elegant shape, with rounded sides, a flaring rim and raised on a cylindrical stem. Delicately painted in intense shades of cobalt blue, depicting on the exterior a continuous scene of boys playing in a garden, accompanied by four ladies. The base of the bowl is surrounded by a border of petals, and the stem is adorned with a frieze of plantain leaves. The interior features a central medallion painted with two ladies in a garden, and a diaper border inside the lip.

Diam.: 14,8 cm


Asian Art

Additional Information

Oriental Ceramic Society, 'Ming Blue and White Porcelain', London, October 24th to December 21st, 1946, no. 64;
Oriental Ceramic Society, 'Loan Exhibition of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain 14th to 19th Centuries', London, December 16th, 1953 - January 23rd, 1954, represented in the catalog as no. 198;
Palazzo Ducale, 'Arte Cinese', Venice, 1954, no. 681.

Raymond F.A. Riesco Collection, no. 206 (with collection label).

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