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A pair of firedogs

Henri Vian (1860-1905)


3.000 - 5.000

Session 1

13 October 2020


Raised, chiselled and gilt bronze depicting Poseidon and Amphitrite
France, 19th century (2nd half)
(minor wear to gilding)

45x43x20 cm (Poseidon) 36x43x22 cm (Anfitrite)



Additional Information

This pair of firedogs with figures of Poseidon and Amphitrite follow the prototype of the famous 18th century pair from the Louvre (OA5147). An identical set, displayed in the Quirinale Palace In Rome, is attributed to the gilder Lelièvre, who in 1753 delivered then to Filipe, Duque of Parma (1720-1765).
At Louis XV private apartments at Versailles, there is one other identical pair that was bequeathed in 1966 by the art dealer César Mange de Hauke (1900-1965).
One other, dated ca. 1750 entered the MET collection in 1986 as a legacy deposit by Mrs. Charles Wrightsman (1895-1986)

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