Buying at auction is easy. You can do it in person, in the saleroom, or at a distance, while remaining anonymous.

1 See

Before every auction we publish a catalogue with all the items on sale, that can be consulted online or requested by phone if you require a paperback copy. In the week before the auction date, all the items will be exhibited at our address, so that you have the chance to analyze and inspect whatever item you may be interested in. Any additional information, such as detailed photographs of an item, can be requested to our experts.

2 Bid

You can make your offer on site, by phone or by leaving an absentee bid, but consider that you need to register with us prior to the auction. If you want to make your offer in person, simply attend the saleroom.
If you wish to remain anonymous, you can make your biddings through an independent consultant who is present in the auction and will act on your behalf.
Each item is marked with the estimated or base sell value, which serves as a reference. This estimated value reflects the expectation of our experts based on their market knowledge. On auction day, each item will be open to bidding with its base value. It is for you to decide how much you wish to pay for the items of your interest.

3 Buy

If your biddings are successful, you can pay immediately or in the 5 days following the auction date by bank card, check or cash, at the auction house facilities. If you were an absentee bidder, you may request an invoice with full bank details so you can proceed with payment by wire transfer. To the winning bid, a buyer's commission of 17% + VAT is added.
Lots retrieval should take place up to 10 days after the auction date from 10am to 7pm (business days only) at the auction house facilities. If needed, VERITAS can facilitate contact details of specialized shipping companies.