Auction 79 Antiques & Works of Art


An exceptional pair of large Louis Phillippe vases


5.000 - 7.000

Session 1

11 July 2018


Opaline glass
Rich polychrome and gilt decoration with floral scrolls
Cartouches depicting riverscapes with houses and figures
France, 19th century
(small defects at the polychromy and gilding)

Height: 50 cm



Additional Information

The exceptional quality of the pieces now on offer leads us to attribute them to Jean-François Robert (1778-1855)
He developed the technique of galss painting from 1830 and patented the process
Starting as Sèvres porcelain painter he ended up opening his own workshop in a partnership with Jean-Baptiste Launay (1768-1827)
From 1843 to 1855 Robert decorated Baccarat and Saint Louis opalines wich leads ut to believe that these exceptional vases are production of one of these factories

Closed Auction