Auction 79 Antiques & Works of Art


Turk riding rhinoceros


15.000 - 20.000

Session 2

12 July 2018


Meissen porcelain
Johann Joachim Kändler model (1706-1775)
Faded mark at the right back foot
Germany, ca. 1752
Partly polychrome and gilt decoration late applied in the first half of the 19th century
Base of later date in gilt chiselled bronze decorated with floral motifs
(Rhino's horn restored)

28x22,5 cm (total) 22x22,5 cm (escultura)



Additional Information

One of the most important Meissen creators, Johann Joachim Kändler (1706-1775) not only influenced the production of this factory for more than 40 years but also changed the porcelain industry of his time. Appointed court sculptor in 1730 by Auguste II, Le Fort (1670-1733). After one year was admitted at the Meissen porcelain factory and in 1733 succeed Johann Jakob Kirchner as "modelmaster". Among his first projects are the large white porcelain animal sculptures, some over one meter height for Auguste's Dresden Japanese palace.
Although highly admired the production of those sculptures was extremely difficult and expensive. As a result Kändler started to produce smaller ones representing, in a first phase, group sculptures with birds and insects and later, group sculptures inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte, such as harlequins. Marking four gold decades for the Meissen porcelain his influence has diminished from 1764 untill his death in 1775

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